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Hi, everyone! I'm Rustam Kungurov, a cake designer and co-owner of "Tortik Annushka" cake studio.
about me
In my courses I share my experience and techniques, which I have acquired over 10 years of working.

I've opened this course to help you:
⁃ no more troubles with getting a perfect smooth finish,
⁃ no more wasted chocolate,
⁃ after taking this course you will learn how to professionally stack multi-tiered cakes using brand new decor and decorating techniques.

12 years ago when we started making cakes in our small kitchen we didn't expect to grow into the leading pastry shop.
Our everyday work led us to the worldwide success and amazing collaborations with Vogue, Jacquemus, Oscar de la Renta, Adidas and other coolest companies in the world.

Jelly cake
Online courses are open for the opportunity to learn our signature cake art techniques.
Geometry cake
Learn the basics about chocolate
WOW Skills
Advanced chocolate decorating course for beginners and pros
Basic course on filling, ganache, chocolate
Pipe Organ
Basic Course on Filling, Ganache, Chocolate
A course on working with fondant, and it also includes isomalt and pear technique
For beginners and pros
Home chef
Special collection of recipes
Chocolate coconuts
Chocolate coconuts making tutorial
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