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Here we have collected the main signature techniques that were created by us, Rustam Kungurov and Madina Yavorskaya. Some of them were created and been tested for 6-12 months, some were made in a day. For us it is important to share with you the latest and our most popular decorating trends. On this page you will see our video courses that are available for beginners and professionals. Good luck!

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Frequently asked questions
In what language will be the course?
The course and all PDF files will be in English
How long will video lessons be available?
Video lessons will be availble for 6 months
I didn't get an email after purchasing, what can I do?
— Sometimes emails can arrive in spam box, please check there first. We have support service for our students, you can always ask your questions there
How long will support on the course last?
It will last 2 weeks
Do I need to do all hometasks?
Only in case if you want to get a certificate. We send the list with tools and materials after the payment of the course, so you have time to buy all necessary things in advance also there is a list where to buy these tools
How can I pay for the course?
You can pay with PayPal or with credit card Visa or Master Card
In what currency is the price?
The price is in USD
What will I get for this cost only one module or the whole course?
You will get the whole course that you have choosen. In each course there will be 3 rates (without assistance, with assistance and VIP
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