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Hi! I’m Madina Yavorskaya, a cake designer, chef and co-owner of "Tortik Annushka" cake studio
about me
12 years ago, when we started making cakes in our small kitchen, we didn't expect to grow into the leading pastry shop.
We've created cakes for Vogue, Jacquemus, Oscar de la Renta, Adidas and for other cool companies around the world.
In our online school we have already taught over 50, 000 students from all over the world
Our talented students open their own pastry shops, increase client's base, save their time and money. They don't waste it on rookie mistakes because the course is so detailed and lets them improve their baking skills.
In this course we've collected all the information, that we didn't have when we started to work with fondant. The course is available for the beginners and those who want to increase their knowledge on cake decorating with fondant. The course is held by co-owner of wow-cake Tortik Annushka studio, Madina Yavorskaya.

In this course:
— smoothing a cake
— our most popular techniques on cake decorating
— how to work with different types of fondant
— our signature ganache recipe to cover the cake
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How the online courses will be held:
To enroll in the class you should click on "Buy now" and proceed to the payment page.
Video tutorials will be available for 6 months.
Courses will be held in English.
After you send us your results you will receive a certificate for completing the course.
To get a certificate you will have to share your deliverables on the platform Getcourse
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