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You can choose iconic techniques by Tortik Annushka in one Perfect package or buy any course seperately!
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22-28 of February
Course will start on Tuesday 22 of February and available for 6 month
What's inside?
3 full master-classes from Tortik Annushka studio
You'll learn our most popular techniques on cake decorating, how to work with different types of fondant, and exclusive ganache recipe.
Pipe Organ
We will give you a step-by-step instruction on how to make a multi-tier cake with three types of fillings.
Rustam Kungurov will share with you his favorite cake recipe and show you how to make chocolate decorations.
Perfect Package
Will I make the same cakes as you are?
Yes, we can assure you. The course is available for both: the beginners and those who want to increase their knowledge
How the online courses will held?
1. To enroll in the class you should click on "Buy now" and proceed to the payment page.

2. Video tutorials will be available for 6 moths.

3. Courses will be held in English.

4. After you send us the results you will receive a certificate for completing the course.
Madina Yavorskaya
&Rustam Kungurov
Founders & Designers
Tortik Annushka, a family Pastry Shop, was founded by artist Madina Yavorskaya and her brother architect Rustam Kungurov in 2009.

"Every member of our team expresses love through their work. Together we present not only beautiful, but also delicious masterpieces. We follow the most exquisite classic recipes that are made with the help of the latest technologies. We combine high-quality natural ingredients and design to deliver wow results."